In over 35 years the School has gone from a temporary residence with one student to a dedicated establishment with specialised facilities and over 60 students.

1981 The School is established

The School is established by the Service Civil International (SCI), opening in a temporary premises with four students and one teacher.

1995 The School moves

The School moves to its permanent residence in Getambe, Kandy.

2006 Blue Rose Training Centre

Construction of the Blue Rose Training Centre is completed, consisting of a large auditorium, residential facilities, kitchen, dining hall and office complex.

2015 Vocational Training Unit

Opening of the Vocational Training Unit, which provides space for mature students (over the age of 18) to continue their education.

2016 School Bus

The School acquires a bus to transport students.


The School has over 60 registered students, seven teachers, four part-time instructors and a number of local and international volunteers who work with the school throughout the year.

We're always looking for volunteers

Have you got what it takes to take part in a long term volunteering project? Find out more information through the Service Civil International (SCI) Long Term Volunteering Program.