The School

The School is managed by the Blue Rose Welfare Society and is registered at the Social Service Department at the Central Province.


The School accepts students with mild to severe learning difficulties which can include; autism, Down's syndrome, hyperactivity, Global Development Delay (GDD), Noonan syndrome and seizure disorders. Typically, students have been rejected from traditional schools or are unable to attend due to their disability. Currently, the school has over 60 students enrolled from as young as four years old.


The School runs on weekdays from 8am until 1pm. It has a Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary classes and a High Dependency Unit. The site consists of seven classrooms, a darkroom/multisensory room, speech and language room, Vocational Training Unit, indoor play/dance/music area, auditorium and outdoor play area. The school is managed by the Blue Rose Welfare Society, comprised of professionals, teachers and parents. School fees are 4000 LKR per month which includes swimming classes, bus transport from the junction to school, therapy sessions, music classes, dancing classes, and all other activities.


The curriculum is practical, students engage in sensory experience, writing, number skills, English and Sinhala language, music, dance, swimming, therapy and sports. Every student participates in art competitions, variety shows and sports activities - some of our female students are in the Central Province football team and played for the national football team in Malaysia. Once a week students visit the University of Peradeniya’s sports field/gymnasium for physical activity and Kingswood College Pool for swimming lessons.

Individual Education Programme

Each student has an Individual Education Programme (IEP) which ensures that they develop according to their level and ability. Qualified speech and language therapists and physiotherapists work closely with students.

Vocational Training Unit

At the age of 18 students enter the Vocational Training Unit, a dedicated facility for mature students to continue their education. They receive vocational training in three units; cooking, bag making and sewing.

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    University of Peradeniya

    Access to sports fields and gymnasium

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    Peradeniya Teaching Hospital

    Free medical assessments for students

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    Kandy Kingswood College

    Access to swimming pool

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    Special Olympics, Serendib

    For sport activities

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    Ceylon Association for Mentally Handicapped

    Cricket, art and performance competitions

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    Service Civil International (SCI)

    Long term International Volunteer Programme


The Blue Rose Special School has made a number of important collaborations to improve student experience.

Meet the team

Secondary Unit
High Dependency Unit
Vocational Training Unit
Vocational Training Unit
Primary Unit
Dancing Teacher and Vocational Training Unit
Long Term Volunteer
Long Term Volunteer
Long Term Volunteer

We're always looking for volunteers

Have you got what it takes to take part in a long term volunteering project? Find out more information through the Service Civil International (SCI) Long Term Volunteering Program.